Wednesday, 4 November 2015

My favourite places to shop

    Restyling a key piece

From a session with Maria 
 A piece gifted to me from The clothes show bloggers breakfast
 Minimal options

These are my most recent go to pieces, I never wear what most people would consider comfortable, subconsciously I think we all need to dress like you're about to run into your ex or you know you're trying to serve looks against your worst enemy. 

The reason I've decided to post these is really I get a lot of questions on tumblr or my instagram about  what I'm wearing and SOMETIMES I'm too lazy to reply to everyone or people just don't get that I tag all my images so I thought I would give a quick break down on my favourite places to shop as this is my most asked question!

H&M is for key pieces that i'll wear rarely as I don't want to ruin anything I own from there!
Forever21 has anything you're looking for and if you style it right it'll look so much more expensive!
Topshop is for shoes and House of CB dresses, I can't say I shop there too often, sorry not sorry.
Missguided, Boohoo and PLT are for my bodies and my going out style, out of the three, boohoo has the best delivery, Missguided is my favourite but sucks with anything delivery based and PLT is cool but I need to explore it more!

If you have any question please comment or Instagram comment! 




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