Saturday, 10 October 2015

How to not over spend on your wardrobe and instead revamp it!

| OOTD: Missguided dress| H&M Cullottes | ASOS Boots | Thrifted leather camel jacket |


I'm sure you've seen this dress on my blog before, shocker! I don't really understand why all I see on my favourite blogs are new pieces of clothing just to find them on said bloggers Depop the next day. Get a grip. Realistically I care about how much I promote overspending as I am anti confessions of a shopaholic! I mean how many version of a crosss front body suit can a girl own before she admits she has a serious addiction to shopping?

Anyway, this is an important topic to address. There are certain pieces of clothing you have in your closet that you love but you've only worn once, you've even forgotten they exist until your sitting on the tube staring at a girl with a really cool oversized fringed leather jacket and you're internally screaming where in the world?!?!? is my leather jacket what the heck?! Yeah that's normally me on every occasion.

So here's a mini guide on key pieces in your closet and how to re vamp them!


Whether it's a demin dress or jeans, destress the hem like your life depends on it!
Do you know how many pairs on denim jeans you probably own that all look identical? Yeah, let that sink in. Distressing certain parts of them creates the illusion that they all aren't the same! In addition just think of when Vogue starts shouting distressed demin is in you won't be running to Topshop hoarding another pair you'll already have your very own, and will be tweeting a slew of tweets which will probably break the internet (a girl can dream) about how smart you are and how you must be a fashion goddess.


I hear it's now a thing to wear your structured shirts backwards, don't get me wrong I certainly haven't tried it but if it's cool enough of Leandra from Man Repeller I think it's cool enough for me! Stay on the look out for if I actually attempt this and feel free to laugh at my struggle to look trendy.

Finally I thought I would show you my dress worn as a top, say what?? Yes, through tactical walking an minimal breathing I've managed to wear my structured dress as a top just so I can have brownie points for re-wearing it!

Feel free to tell me ways you plan on revamping your current pieces!


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