Monday, 6 July 2015

How to be a babe this summer with

Photography by Dazhaneleah
Top: Forever21

Everyone who knows me or reads my blog habitually can see I don't wear trousers or an abundance of clothing during the winter. So when the summer comes along I exhale in glee as no one can judge me and badger me with questions like *Why aren't you wearing trousers? Where is your bra? etc*. Because baby if I don't feel it I ain't faking no no. 

Anyway, I'll stop singing Rihanna and explain the inspiration behind this shoot and outfit. I've been on a few day trips/ dates to parks now and I've been super mad at myself for not taking shots of the scenery so with the help of Dazhaneleah (Or dijanay as I like to call her, she hates this) I got to capture how I want to feel all summer, like mother earth aka Solange.

I plan on wearing flowers in my hair and being super girly and sweet just for some contrast from my sour temperament during the winter.

Oh yeah, I should probably mention my hair has changed once again, how many times has it been this year? 3? 4? I'm losing count but I just like changing my look with my mood, let me live, also I'm feeling like the daughter of Solange right now, so i'll just go with it. 

How to be a babe this summer

1) Dump your man
Hahaha, but apparently this is a thing.  I've consulted my friends and apparently you should be single during the summer, I'm not sure as to why but I'm taking this advice. #Livinglavidaloca

2) "Glow up" spiritually and in terms of your body
Work on being a better human then work on getting healthier, you don't need to have abs to be summer ready, but you do need to eat cleaner to help you think clearer. *Cliche I know, ugh. 

3) Learn not to care what people think about you *Do you babyboo, do you*

4) Change your style, then change it back again.

This isn't a tip but you should add me on Snapchat @kvttypvrry as I'm now into that app, yay!




  1. Already missing summer now that i saw these photos.. you look so damn good! Love your blog, i'm a new follower x

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