Thursday, 18 June 2015

Thinklikekandie goes to Paris (Places to see in Paris)

If you follow me over on Instagram I'm sure you've seen my recent antics in the land of love, Paris. (Sans love)

I'd been feeling a bit strung down with my personal life and work as of recent and decided to take a personal break and visit a location I had always romanticised. It wasn't till I got home that I heard the french we're notoriously rude, so isn't it ironic little rude old me taking a trip there to work on my (glow up as the youth refer to it)personality. In addition I was trying to learn the art of showing that deep down I'm a sweet person. (*shucks*). 

I'm pretty in love with Parisians and Paris itself the streets are so romantic and I found myself feeling like Lizzie Mcguire, even though she travelled to Italy, but whatever, I like associating Paris with the lyrics "This is what dreams are made of, oh oh oh". 

Anyways, I found myself doing a lot of walking from the Louvre all the way to the Eiffel tower and I'm pretty sure I hardly complained! (I know, me not complaining on a walk, what is happening to the world?) I also learned the art of please and thank you (Si vous plait, Merci) a talent which I have now brought along with me to London. (*Pats self on back and tells everyone she is a almost ready to be a housewife, just because she finally learnt a morsel of politeness). 

This is a fashion blog so I should probably mention the two outfits out of the six I packed that I managed to wear, in my head I was going to be Rihanna esc and change my outfit so many times and be a real diva, but I just really ended up enjoying the sights so I found no need to be a fashionista, choosing to instead live in the moment.

Via instagram:
Day one outfit: Levi distressed jeans, Primark crotchet top, Topshop heeled sandals and my Hm and jacket.

Day two outfit:  Primark crotchet top. Forever 21 suede skirt, Bershaka suede jacket and my tiptop shoes. 

I have two favourite places on the planet Universal studios L.A. and now Disney Land Paris. Disney land was pretty much a dream of mine since I was a kid and I think the route of my temperament dates back to never going as a kid, so I was super excited to go. Let me be real, i'm deathly afraid of heights and cannot stand rides that move fast, but I do love all the characters and in addition the slow teacup type of rides have me feeling like a fairy.

 I had the best time in Disney Land and I'll be discussing more of my trip over on twitter so head over now to hear more: @kandiesaysyo


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