Tuesday, 16 June 2015

DIY distressed Levi denim. (Two ways to wear denim)

Ever since I had a mini denim haul at my local thrift store, I've been dying to experiment with DIY  distressing my very own pair of denims and what better pair to mess up than classic Levi's. Luckily for me my experiment worked.

Mini how to:
1) Firstly make sure you're wearing the jeans: whilst on your body draw the outline of the shape you want around your thighs and knees. Making sure to start drawing about an inch away from your inner thigh so to leave room for mistakes.

2) Secondly when cutting stick to the lines and try to keep each parrallel square as even as possible.

3) Finally, put the jeans in the wash, if like me you're too lazy to use scissors to manually distress your jeans, your washing machine will give you the same result much faster. 

Two ways to wear:
Casual vs classic.
Day to day you'll most likely catch me in the black look, sans knotted top, consisting of an American Eagle crop top and my favourite H&M leather jacket but when it comes to special events or even a date i'll most likely add my open backed white Zara top and my pink crop jacket just because I love the idea of a pastel look and it brightens up a basic casual outfit.


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