Saturday, 30 May 2015

Diary. Reflection on shopping

You know the type of girl who believes she doesn't follow the crowd, says things like ''style is forever and fashion is temporary'', detest those who follow trends and is the master of her own world; then proceeds to shops every 70's look, invests in flare denim jeans despite her 5ft4 frame and lathers herself in suede because its a blogger must have-

Well my name is Kandie. - This is day one of a long stint of rehab visits.  

I'm not ashamed to say I contradict myself at every turn but this is the year of key piece and investing in style rather than trend.

So here goes my guide on how to not become the chick from Confessions of a shopaholic.

Just because, Lustforlife, Man repeller, and Afashionfix have it doesn't mean you need it! I mean totally click their Rstyle links and help a sister out but if its a basic top that you could've copped from primark primani and saved about 50 pounds on, save the denero.

According to all the fashion blogs prints are in (Feel free to insert anything that is supposedly 'in' in place of print) so you buy one thing, then the next, then the next and you're stuck in this cycle of unwearable trendy items that you own but then you start to realise you are not cool enough for any of these pieces, these pieces are for the Leandra's of the world.
I'm here to tell you prints are the most unreliable items in a wardrobe and that pair of 70's flares you own will be so hard to mix and match by the time you realise this it'll be way past the 28 days of returns. So stop. (You don't want to end up crying in Zara demanding you speak to a manager just to end up on the curb grasping at expired receipts)

If you're going to give in and shop the trend, only allow yourself one purchase and make it count. An oversized puffy pink whistles coat as crazy and flamboyant as it sounds could easily be considered an essential staple for those nights when you just want to feel iconic. Flared jeans go well with most things and a D ring anything will look great. P.s. If you took any element from this thirdly segment and believed it you need to start day one again, you are a shopaholic.

It's better to take some time and plan pieces you need, learn what your true style is and only shop when you desperately need to, try to avoid being overly influenced by anyone or anything. To be truly iconic, your style has to reflect you.

P.s. head over to my insta and see what I'm up to @thinklikekandie 


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