Monday, 16 March 2015

Primark and Zara make denim on denim// How to find your own style

                                                  Dress worn as a top:Zara// Skirt: Primark
It's round two and i'm back with my newest double denim take inspired by none other than style Queen Alexa chung.

If you follow me on twitter you should recall my nonchalant tweet stating how I had copped a denim skirt virtually identical to Alexa's design from Primark in the summer and as soon as I could find it I would wear it with pride. I mean it's virtually a dupe and that's good enough. 

(Head over to my previous post to learn how to thrift your denim essentials: Double denim)

I remember when I picked up this skirt ever person who saw it told me I was blind, the buttons on the front were supposedly too strange and the cut wasn't cute. Look at me now though I'm predicting trends and on a budget.

How to find your own style.

If you like it you like it.
Never take anyone shopping with you consider all your friends as sabotagers and enemies of progress they will tell you a fugly top is fetch (Yes Gretchen i'm making fetch happen) and a cute top is a fashion faus pax. Listen to your own sense.

Restyle your pieces till they work(werk)
Sometimes an outfit won't look cute on you because your hair colour isn't right or your make up is not on, as the kids like to say fleek. This doesn't mean you need to return it, you simply need to just restyle it and work on convincing yourself that you look flawless. Returning is an extremity. 

Try not to be fashion forward and just work on being you and mastering your personal style.


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