Saturday, 21 March 2015

How to master layering


When I walked into my local charity shop I wasn't looking for anything in particular although I had spent the night before endless searching for a pinstripe coat on Asos to no avail.
Pretty sure the cosmos was trying to reward me for all my over shopping this month and give me a break so when I found this coat at £7 I exhaled in glee.

How to master layering

Belting coats

I'm experimenting with silhouettes so adding a belt on top of a coat seems risqué but in a good. In this case more is more. This Asos belt is pretty thick and keeps my coat in place so I can breeze through the streets and trip less often in my extraordinarily long coat. £7 means I can never complain and I must wear it at least 100 times in the next few months. Deal. 

Matching accessories 

I've been reading who what wear to fill up my days with useful fashion content and I've been told matching accessories is a thing as the youthful say 'it's by force' so I paired my favourite sale scarf from Asos and my small blue H&M clutch therefor I hope I have now mastered matching accessories or I will never attempt it again. 

To hat or not to hat?

As cool as it might seem adding a hat might be overkill for some outfits but when you're a diva extraordinaire this notion of overkill cannot phase you. Although as you can see my head is huge so I cannot add hats to my head, therefore feel free to do this vicariously for me. 


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