Thursday, 19 March 2015

H&M 30% off sale

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H&M 30% OFF 

As the weather gets warmer why not ditch the layers and embrace slouchy silhouettes, block colours and uncomfortably long trousers.

With the help of the holy land of affordable clothing H&M change up your wardrobe with a few essential pieces.


The 70's look is in and suede is where it's at, from short summer skirts to wild printed tops H&M has the trend covered head over to the site to see my favourite moodboad of inspired looks  and find your staple pieces. | Inspiration |

No layers layering 

My spring/summer wardrobe will consist of two pieces and sets mixed and matched into alternative outfits, mainly to get the most wear out of each set so I feel less guilty about indulging on clothing.

As a self proclaimed shop aholic I have to say the 30% off really helps justifying my spending habits. That is all.

Think like kandie 


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