Thursday, 15 January 2015

The prettiest little jumpsuit from Pretty little thing

                                                                  Pretty little thing jumpsuit, Forever 21 oversized coat, Hnm Leather Biker Jacket, Zara clutch

I'm always afraid to let new brands into my life, but sometimes it's worth stepping out of your comfort zone, when I saw the sale on, I couldn't resist, if it's black i've got to have it so i snapped up this slinky jumpsuit in an instance.

Things I love about this jumpsuit; 
The fit. The colour. The bad girl vibes. The fact that i can add layers and not feel uncomfortable 

Leather biker jacket
Pairing it with a thin H&M leather jacket just gives it that grease vibe and I ended up feeling as oh so cool as Sandy. 

The Zara clutch as a touch of the designer feel and at a steal of £20 I can't thank my photographer, Kyle Williams enough for convincing me to buy it. 

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