Sunday, 18 January 2015

Step into the bad-ass side of the Zara sale

                                                                                                      Dress: Zara, Coat: Zara, Shoes: Asos, Bag:Zara

If you ask me to describe the Zara sale to you I could only muster the term romance. It's my favorite place twice a year, the Romeo to my Juliet, the Mean to my girls, I can easily spend hours lost in the stores roaming Regent street to Bond street without a single complaint.

Here are my sale season must haves:

This pink coat was a steal at £19.99 found at the Regent street Zara, when I first saw it I thought am I cool enough to rock this piece? Then i remembered, yes honey I am. So I grabbed it and went my way being gone with the wind fabulous. (P.s. I'm a massive Real housewives of Atlanta fan)

When I stumbled across this dress I asked the sales assistant if it was a mistake because this could not be in the sale it was too, clean, flawless, fabulous and edgy. To my surprise it was in the sale! So I spent alot of money in Zara and I didn't regret a penny.

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