Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Making vintage thrifting look like Guess Jeans

How to thrift

I'm a big fan of thrifting so when I discovered Double denim was now socially acceptable, I said yes lord and grabbed my £1 vintage old navy denim top and mixed it with my Asos blue denims

To take this look and make it less Britney and more Adrianna Lima, I added my favourite white Missguided body. This look is one for the risk takers as it's freezing in London but it was worth it just to be able to add my Zara leather jacket as an additional layer and not feel overly clothed.

Tips for thrifting:

Be out for yourself
You're no.1, don't forget to look out for yourself, if you see an item you love grab it, even if it's in another persons hands, they don't matter you are the Beyonce in this scenario and you'll always be, snatch those clothes like you're snatching weave. 

A pound is better than £20
Never and i repeat never go to a £20 a bag vintage sale it's just not worth it, £1 is where it's at find the best weekend pound sales and look for the most interesting vintage pieces that you'll love year long.

Bring a friend 
Just like Monica in friends bring your Rachel and Phoebe to help you delve through the mess that is a vintage thrift store, make a plan of what each person should look for and make sure you have enough dollar to get everything you want. 


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